PromoStandards is the open industry standard way to integrate with trading partners in the promotional products industry.

We facilitate the development and adoption of technology standards and oversee these standards for businesses and nonprofit organizations worldwide.

Think of these standards as a map that guides developers on how they can write computer code with a common set of instructions. When in place, these standards allow suppliers, distributors, and decorators to automatically send and receive information in real time, effectively scaling business transactions.

Simply put, PromoStandards standardizes the way the supply chain communicates business transactions and does not write or sell software. Rather, they provide the information you need to make your existing systems function seamlessly and efficiently within the marketplace.

We live in an age of digital transformation. Thus, we see a need to integrate digital technology into business processes. The popularity of consumer-focused online ordering systems and the importance of improving supply-chain efficiencies means integration is more important now than ever for promotional products and other industries.

Make it Easier for Buyers

Integration shows distributors accurate pricing and availability information from suppliers. It also streamlines product configuration, allowing the buyer to choose where the imprint should go and further customize the product according to rules set by the supplier.

Reduce Time and Labor

Reducing the number of phone calls and emails inquiring about inventory, the status of an order, product data, and more represents untold savings in time and labor. These, in turn, can be used for other activities that benefit distributors, suppliers, and the industry at large.

Make Customers Happy

The distributor gives the purchase order to the supplier, who imprints the product they source from the manufacturer. A smooth line of communication along the supply chain makes for a happy customer.

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